Memphis Property Manager

Building Stronger Communities, One Relationship At A Time

Hi. My name is Vincent E Nutt Sr, founder, managing broker and president of A+ Enterprises Inc, the parent company of A+ RPM. My vision for this firm is to enable both my owner clients as well as my tenant customers to build stronger financial futures for themselves and their families. I love people, and I love the Greater Memphis Area. I was born and raised in a suburb of Memphis, and graduated from Craigmont High School before going to Real Estate School. My father was a life long real estate broker and auctioneer. I have been a life long real estate professional both as broker and as an appraiser, and my son is also a real estate agent. It is in our DNA you might say. I have experience in residential of course, but also commercial and even agricultural real estate. In fact our own family trust portfolio (of which I am trustee) has a mix of residential, commercial and agricultural real estate. I also love Jesus, and the Bible! I love the book of Nehemiah especially with regard to this business! Nehemiah had a passion for rebuilding the city, but he wanted to do it in such a way that God would be proud of him. Nehemiah chapter 13 is where Nehemiah prays to God and says "Remember me oh God, for good." My passion for Memphis and the surrounding area is similar. I want to help owners build strong portfolios! And I want to help tenants build strong financial stability. Hopefully all of our tenant customers will one day become owners! And current owner clients will build larger portfolios, and grow their net worth as together we maximize the income & value potential of their existing properties. Let me and my team work for you. You will not be disappointed!