Memphis Property Management

Data To Empower Your Investments

Vincent Nutt Sr., the owner of A+ RPM is Trustee of a family trust that holds 5 residences, 2 commercial properties, a residential subdivision not yet completed, and a 25 acre tract in a prime location for future planned subdivision. Having spent 15 years as a Certified General Appraiser he understands the power of available, reliable and credible data.

Data On Holdings

Owners can login to the owner portal and see all the financial data for each of their properties, or on the entire portfolio. They can also see all the the communication posts between tenant and PM. Move in, move out and on site inspection reports are also available for download.

Data On Rents

Through some websites claim they can give you market rent analysis. You will be better served requesting it through your PM, as they are skilled at performing the comparable rent analysis with precision and providing guidance on improvements to the property to maximize your ROI.

Data On Transactions

A wise man said to me "you make your money on the buy, but you realize it on the sale". Having someone that knows the market area well, and knows how to utilize the databases just as well, can guide you on making the right buy at the right price, and knowing when to sell an asset also. Market trends can change over time in any given regional area.