Memphis Property Management

Property Management Is The Most Comprehensive of All Real Estate Services

There is much more to property management than placing a tenant and collection of rent. Where most PM's fail is in the stewardship of the asset. Large commercial property investors, HOA's, and investors in apartment complexes know this well, and they carefully vet a PM before engaging them in their services. The best cure for deferred maintenance is scheduled maintenance. Stewardship of the asset, as well as the obvious which is to rent your property for the most the market will bear to the most qualified tenant is key to making your investment profitable. Having long term tenants also plays a large role in the profitability of a real property investment. For residential properties being marketed to monthly local residents, we typically recommend buying assets in the most coveted school districts, and marketing to younger couples with school age children. They will stay until the youngest child finishes school if you keep the property and the relationship maintained. You will pay a premium to enter those market areas which are mostly owner occupied, but imagine the growth of your net worth once that tenant pays off the mortgage for you!

Tenant Screening

We run credit checks and criminal background checks on all tenants. We also perform income verification through Plaid, as well as employment and prior rental history. Tenant screening is a very important component for ROI. One bad tenant can cost you serious money in repairs and vacancy loss.


Now that the tenant is screened they are qualified to view your rental. There are no interior showings to tenants prior to screening. Our marketing provides plenty of interior photos. Also when a property becomes vacant, the PM must inspect the home and make sure it is prepared for the next occupant.

Tenant Servicing

The tenant screened, the property prepared and marketed, the lease is signed. Tenant servicing begins with maintaining the relationship and holding the tenant accountable for making their rent payments timely. With our tenant web portal, its convenient for them to set recurring ACH or credit card payments.

Property Preservation

We have found that tenants are much more likely to stay long term if their lifestyle is not affected by problems with the property. We like to subscribe to auto delivery of HVAC filters, and the PM or staff will change them out, and make on site inspections at that time.

Accounting & Reporting

Owners can login to the owner portal and see various data on their portfolio from communications to financials and maintenance requests. We also provide monthly statements. Owners are paid electronically via ACH payments. On site inspection reports are also provided.

Empowering Investors

Now that your current holdings are under the stewardship of a competent PM, you can relax. Or better yet, have us help you search for the next asset to invest in within our market area. We are at your service, to enable you with the tools and guidance to grow your estate.