You have questions. Here are answers!

For properties and tenants that require a cash security deposit, 1 months rent is typical and customary in this market area.  However this can vary on a property by property basis.

For most residential properties you will need your security deposit. your first months rent and any proration of the current month if you are moving in during the middle of the month.  Commercial properties are on a case by case basis.

Rent is typically due on the 1st day of the month, and late on the 6th day of the month unless otherwise stated in your lease terms.

Yes, if your rent is not paid by the 5th of each month, you will be charged a late fee on the 6th day which can be as much as 10%.  It is very important that rent be paid on time.  We are seeking tenants that make this a priority.

This can vary from lease to lease and from owner to owner.  We encourage our owners to accept as much of the maintenance responsibility as possible so they can have peace of mind their property is being well maintained.  However, it is typical for tenants to have to make minor repairs like changing toilet flush kits, or repairs of minor faucet leaks.  These are usually very easy to perform and not expensive.  There are online videos to show you how.  Tenants are also required to return the property cosmetically in the same or similar condition as it was on the day of move in.  So any damage to walls, floors or fixtures will be required to be repaired by the tenant.  This is why a security deposit is required.  However the owner will take care of all major components like hot water heaters, heating and air, roofing, electrical and exterior painting.

You are requested to make all communication with your Property Manager on the web portal.  The scheduling of the repair will also be maintained on the portal as well.  Our web portal sends out both text and email alerts so that response times are quick and convenient.  Of course your PM is also available by phone if necessary.

That depends on you.  If you return the property in the same condition as the day your moved in, absolutely!  We desire tenants to be responsible occupants that keep the property cosmetically in good shape!  If however there are damages that require repair and you are not able or willing to perform them, then the funds from the security deposit will be used to perform those repairs or clean out.  You are responsible for all damages you make to the property even if it exceeds the funds in your security deposit.

Right here on this website!  Click here to go to the homes for rent page, then select a property, then select apply.

You are requested to make all rent payments on the tenant portal.  From there you can pay via ACH directly from your bank account, or use a credit or debit card.  You may login each month and pay, OR you can set up automatic recurring payments on the 1st of the month.

This is handled on an owner by owner basis.  Some owners are sensitive to tenants in the market place that have pet allergies and will not allow pets at all.  Most owners will approve a pet but in most cases will require an additional pet deposit, possibly monthly pet rent, and potentially more frequent on site inspections.

This will be part of the terms of your signed lease, which is stored on the portal for both you and the owner to access.  In most cases you are required to provide 60 days notice of your plans to move out.  This allows the Property Manager to work with you to ensure the home is ready and quickly available for the next tenant to move in.

This may also be in the terms of your lease, which is available for both you and the owner to read here on our portal.  You must provide as much notice as possible in writing.  In some cases there is a termination clause in the lease where you pay 1 or 2 months penalty (depending on the terms of the lease) for early termination.  This allows the Property Manager to market the property to another tenant without vacancy loss to the owner.