Memphis Property Mangement

Managing Risk Is Key To Having The Most Profitable Portfolio

Each investor has a different set of goals, which is sometimes based on capital or leverage. In other cases it is based on philosophy. And for others it is rooted in their passion. Some have a passion for residential, others for commercial, and still others for land tracts. At A+ RPM and our brother company Nutt Realty, there exists the knowledge and experience to provide guidance and negotiation skills to aid the real estate investor toward their unique individual goals.


Buy low and sell high, right? The thing is in real estate, you are typically selling and buying in the same market. With cash being a diminishing asset, in that any interest earned is negated by inflation it is important to invest in assets that can out produce the rise of inflation. With residential, when the market is high it is a great time to unload assets that are more risky or less profitable. Depending on your purchasing power, we can develop a plan for success to either get you started, expand, or make smart changes to your investment portfolio to maximize your ROI, and increase your net worth. Residential is the lowest risk segment in real estate investing if your are prudent.


The commercial segment is quite vast and ranges from office space, retail, industrial, multifamily (apartments) and even warehousing or mini-storage. The creativity of the investor can make all the difference. Long term leases from strong tenants also make some properties far more valuable than even a similar property across the street that lacks the same long term lease. Tenant mix is key regarding retail and having a strong regional or national brand can make a property far less risky. We also have the experience to develop credible cap rates, and analyze the quality of leases for any property you may hold or may be considering.

Land Tracts

Productive row crop farms can be lucrative for larger or institutional investors with access to large amounts of capital. Timber tracts having marketable timber are also a good place to park cash. Sometimes harvest of the timber will come close to the purchase price. The land can then be re-seeded in timber depending on the investors goals. Pine is a lower value timber but can be harvested in less time. Black walnut plantations properly managed can be very lucrative, but takes 35-50 years. However at 20 years they can produce nut harvests annually. There are also tracts suitable for residential or commercial development.