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We take pride in maintaining your property, and the tenant relationship for the long haul.  Long term tenants are the key to profitability.  We will care for your assets as if they were our own, and we have our own!  With over 30 years experience in the real estate industry with 14 years as an Appraiser, Vincent E Nutt Sr the managing broker has the knowledge and skill to lead our team to provide superior real estate services to all of our owners and tenants.

We have a strategic partnership with Transunion to run both credit, criminal and sex offender, as well as eviction history checks.  In addition, tenant ID and income is verified through Plaid, and we also request actual pay stubs from the tenant over the past month.  The PM will also have conversations with potential tenants to ensure a proper rapport.  We want to establish relations with the very best tenants in our market area, and keep them happy!

We typically write leases to have rent due on the first and late on the 6th.  With payments being made on the portal via ACH there could be a couple of days for clearance.  We target the 10th of the month for owner distributions, but no later than the 15th.  If a tenant is later than that paying rent, the collected rent will be paid out on the following months distribution.

Yes.  Licensed both in Tennessee and Mississippi, both our PM’s and our firm with those respective real estate commissions.

Of course!  What is after hours in real estate?  We are old school in this regard.  We are always ready to hear from our clients!

Yes.  All of our owner distributions are via ACH, and are deposited directly into your designated account.

Absolutely.  Our e-sign tool allows you to fully read the lease prior to signing it.  Of course you also have the option of allowing the Broker to execute leases for you on your behalf.

Absolutely!  We have a brother company Nutt Realty Company, but can also handle transactions through A+ RPM as well.

We recommend to our residential clients a minimum of 12 months, but always encourage 24 months.  Long term tenants are the key to profitability!  Allowing a tenant to lock in the rent for 2 years is a win for them, and a long term tenant is a win for you.  After that, a renewal is encouraged.  But otherwise a month to month begins at a higher rental rate per month per the terms of the lease.

We have options in this regard.  We are working to build a partnership with a surety bond / insurance agency so that tenants can purchase a surety bond / insurance policy which is cheaper for them up front, but a larger sum of coverage for the owner.  In this case we like to get 2- 3 months rent as security deposit bond / insurance.  Otherwise for a cash security deposit to be held in our escrow account, 1 months rent is typical and customary for this market area.

Right away!  Even if you are working with an existing property manager.  As soon as you sign with us, we will work with them to transfer all properties, leases, move in reports for the current tenant, and security deposit / repair escrows over to A+ RPM.  You sign the management agreement, and we will get to work!

We are actually very flexible in this regard and can customize your financial reports so that you see the data you want to see.  You can see a report on the entire portfolio, or on a by property basis.  Of course there is the standard boilerplate report you will receive monthly through the owner portal.  We will even prepare 1099 forms for you every January.  You will also see move in / move out reports, and inspection reports on the owners portal.

We manage single family homes, condos, townhomes, multi-family properties, apartments, commercial and agricultural properties.  We are a full service PM company with the experience to handle any PM needs you may have.

Absolutley, perhaps better than most since the owner of A+ RPM is also a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser.  Valuation, market dynamic and neighborhood tend studies, comparable rent analysis and other data you may need to empower your investment decisions will be competently performed.  It should be noted that the work will be performed as a Broker unless an appraisal is actually needed.