Memphis Property Management
Memphis Property Management

Our Tenants Are Our Valued Customers

Without our quality tenants, we would not exist. We know you want a safe and clean property in good repair to either live in or run your business out of. We are here to support and even mentor you into becoming owners yourself someday. In the meantime relax. We will take care of all the heavy lifting regarding maintenance. You do not have to worry if the Heat or AC goes out, painting the exterior, or ever replacing the roof. We do ask that you conduct yourself responsibly in the space. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the tenant. In person inspections with your PM will take place with photos prior to move in, periodically during your occupancy, and prior to move out. These routine site inspections are designed to enable scheduled maintenance to be performed to ensure your space is being properly maintained for you.

No Cash Deposit?

With surety companies like Rhino and RentSURETY tenants may be able forego the need for large up front cash deposits and take out a surety insurance policy instead for certain property types. Of course in some cases a cash security deposit is required. Any advertised deposit amount is based on highly qualified tenants. Should there be minor blemishes on your history check, an increase in security deposit / surety insurance amount may result. However if you return the property in similar condition, your deposit can be refunded when moving out.

Application Process

Each occupant over 18 will need to fill out an application and pay the application fee. Properties cannot be held until a security deposit/surety insurance is in place. Application fees are non-refundable. There will be a credit, background, and eviction history check. Prior landlord's will be contacted and verified. If prior landlords cannot be reached, your application cannot be approved. You must have income that is 3 times rent or more, and show the most recent month in check stubs from your employer. If self employed, tax returns and bank statements will be required.

Rental Requirements

At A+ RPM, we seek out the most qualified and responsible tenants in the area. We look for tenants whom already have their life together and can demonstrate that. It is important that we verify your past rental history, and that you provide us with the most up to date and correct information requested in the application. False information provided may result in denial of the application. Tenants are expected to be responsible for paying rent on time, and living responsibly in the space without undue damage to the property.